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Personal training is just that, personal. I work hard for my clients to deliver exceptional training programs. I believe in creating a atmosphere of trust and open dialogue. I have extensive experience of helping people back from injury as well as working with people who have never been in a gym environment. 

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We Talk Before We Train

It is through open dialogue that I can help you get the most out of your training sessions. I need to understand your goals. It is also important to understand what you perceive as your barriers to fitness. It is not uncommon to shy away from gyms because you are unsure of where to start and how to use the equipment.

I train my clients in some of the best gyms in the area. I will ensure that you not only have the best training program in every session but that you become confident in how to use the equipment properly.

I believe that when you make fitness fun, it quickly becomes part of your lifestyle. 

           GROUP TRAINING 

T20 Transformation Training 


Personal training sessions are not for everyone, I understand that sometimes working in a small group can be a more enjoyable experience. 

In response to this I offer Transformation Small Group Training.

  • 12 Weeks ( 2x sessions per week)

  • Same sex groups

  • Nutrition Plans

  • Private on-line support 

To book on the next wave of training sessions with 5 others (in-line with government guidelines in light of the Covid-19 pandemic) . Contact me via email or mobile to book on, or ask any questions.

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Sport Specific Training

Even sportsmen and women need to train. I work with football teams, marathon runners and even a mountain climber to help re-align their fitness goals, help with mindset or just get in shape for the season or a particular event.

I work with adolescents as well as adults. Instilling a love of fitness from an early age is not only good for physical health but also emotional well-being.

Interested? Drop me an email or give me a call and I can talk you through your options. I am happy to travel to training venues to deliver fitness programs as well as offering private group sessions at the gym.

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           MUSCLE TONE


I often get clients saying that they want to get fit and tone up. A mixture of cardio and weights is an effective way to lose weight, tone up, increase energy levels and get results. I know it can be intimidating walking into the gym and seeing all the weights lined up and just not knowing where to start. My programs include helping you get to grips with incorporating weights into your fitness, exercises that use your own body weight to tone and tips on nutrition both before and after training

Interested? Drop me an email or give me a call and I can talk you through your options

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